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Alexandra Nechita Limited Edition Lithograph : Earth Is A Planet With One Peace Missing (Other)

by Alexandra Nechita

Publisher :Mourlot Press
Year :1997
Edition :Liimited
Condition :As New
Binding :Paperback
Signed :Yes
Price : $3499.95

Item Description :

Mourlot Press, 1997. 1255/2500. Mint condition. Scarce original numbered & signed limited edition Picasso-esque lithograph by the world renowned Alexandra Nechita. Pencil Signed and dated '97 - Numbered Lithograph on the legendary Mourlot Press authenticating embossed paper titled - "Earth is a Planet with One Peace Missing" part of the "Winning Together Series." Dedicated to the Athletes of the Special Olympics.

Lithograph 30" x 22" - Image Size: 26" x 19 Printed by the art world's most noted masterful technicians at Mourlot (noted for their work with Picasso, Dali and Chagall.) "Earth is a Planet with One Peace Missing" Penciled Signed by Artist & dated '97 Pencil Numbered and Stamped Embossed of Mourlot Paris. "Earth is a Planet With One Peace Missing" by Alexandra Nechita. Winning Together Series. Dedicated to the Athletes of the Special Olympics. "My parents told me about the Berlin Wall. The wall coming down was a great achievement for the Germans. My parents told me the Berlin Wall separated the East from the West. The Berlin Wall is the background of this piece -- the circle is the world -- and then there's a dove, which is the sign for peace. The bars symbolize jail. Because of all the war and misunderstanding they were having -- the dove is in jail . . . holding the dove back from sharing freedom. Earth is a Planet With One Peace Missing from the Winning Together Series. If you see the painting -- you see hands of different nations holding a feather of the dove -- there would be more peace. Just like the Berlin Wall coming down was a great accomplishment for the Germans -- participating in the games for the Special Olympians is a great accomplishment."

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